G-Dragon's Fashion

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Post cathay Posted 31 Jan 2013, 5:02 PM

Re: G-Dragon's Fashion

The latest Thom Browne outfit...........look at the difference between him and LSG hahahaha


Baby Ji pulls it off so well though.......and look at that crotch rip............... Image
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Post avix_vix Posted 01 Feb 2013, 5:51 AM

Re: G-Dragon's Fashion

kwongasm wrote:This is probably one of his worst clothes ever. Image

Image Image Image

Image Image well i cant stop laughing Image but feel sad in the same time,.. its just worse Image
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Post chiakisama88 Posted 01 Feb 2013, 9:04 AM

Re: G-Dragon's Fashion

lol this thread turned out to be Worst GD Fashion hahahaha

But I liked the Thom Brown. He rocked it, even though it would have been better with very very tight leather pants...
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Post Giyongchy Posted 01 Feb 2013, 11:27 AM

Re: G-Dragon's Fashion

cathay wrote:look at the difference between him and LSG hahahaha


Sneaky little hobbitses.

Such a short ass.

I think he wears the Thom Brown well. It is not an easy outfit to wear and the other boys offset the gaudy-ness with some solid color, but Gee doesn't look horrible. The clothes are just out there. He makes that suit.
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Post Kimmy Posted 04 Feb 2013, 4:02 AM

Re: G-Dragon's Fashion

Whatever GD wears becomes a trend? "True fashionista"
Big Bang leader G-Dragon has been known to be one of the biggest fashionista's amongst the male idol groups. Almost all of his fashion styles have become a hot trend.
Recently, he had come out with a two tone hair color for his solo album last year. This style has been gaining much attention from the public and other celebrities.
His pastel two tone hair color has also become a new type of appeal that has been accepted by the public as well. This shocking change brought about a different side of G-Dragon.
His other hairstyles from past performances and albums have also been a hot issue before.
G-Dragon has also been known to carry luxury brands that have been sponsored by the brand itself.
He is also known to attend many fashion designer's shows in France and other parts of Europe as well.
Singer Seo In Young also commented on a show that one time she tried to buy a new luxury item but could not buy it because G-Dragon had already purchased it.
YG Entertainment also stated that G-Dragon spends more time talking to his stylist than most celebrities do.
Many are curious to see what type of new fashion styles he will bring for 2013.
Source: Kpopstarz
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