Rules & Guidelines

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Rules & Guidelines

This site was established in order to provide an open, enjoyable, and comfortable environment for VIPs, fans of the Korean group BIGBANG, to discuss various topics related to them such as their music and appearances. Discussion in this forum will range from criticism to compliments, as freedom of speech and the sharing of opinions is highly encouraged.

With all this in mind, several rules & guidelines have been created in order to establish order and to ensure that a pleasant posting environment is maintained at all times.

Multiple Accounts

Until Whenever does not tolerate the creation of duplicate accounts. Accounts that are discovered to be duplicates will be banned permanently and original user will be warned. Should the original user continue breaking this rule, all of his/her accounts will be permanently banned from the forum.

However, in the case of multiple people sharing the same IP address (such as family members), it is best to contact a Moderator or Admin about this issue as soon as possible in order to avoid being falsely accused of holding duplicate accounts.

User Privacy
All users on Until Whenever have the right to keep their anonymity. The forum will not and does not share or trade any of the personal information that is provided by its users with any third party. Members of the forum are not allowed to release the private information of other users against their will.

It is important that all posters’ privacy be respected. It Is highly encouraged that users avoid from sharing their personal information in order to avoid any possible issues or problems that may arise from the distribution of this information online.

Post Content

Pictures & Videos:

There are several restrictions on what kind of images and videos you may post. This applies not only to images shared on threads, but also to avatars, signatures, profile photos and any other kind of image or video that may be shared on the forum.

The restrictions are as follows:

• No pornography or sexually suggestive images/videos
• No offensive, discriminatory imagery (e.g. Nazi symbols)
• No gore (e.g. body mutilation, bloody images)

Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in the immediate removal of the image as well as the user in question. Should this rule be broken again, the ban will be made permanent.

In the case of child pornography and the like, the user will be banned as well as have their IP-range banned permanently.

General Posting Guidelines

• Spamming is not allowed. Do not post several times in a row, and avoid creating duplicate threads.
• Do not double post.
• The sharing of links to illegal downloads of copyrighted material is not allowed.
• Threads should be created and placed in their fitting sections. Feel free to ask a moderator about where to create a thread if you are unsure on where it should go. If a thread is misplaced, expect a moderator to move it to it's appropriate section
• RESPECT other members. Any rudeness/offensiveness of any kind is not tolerated.


Do not bother, pester, or harass the moderators. They are present in order to help you as well as make sure the forum continues to be a pleasant environment for the users. We expect users to treat moderators with respect like any other member of the forum. Just like any member of the forum, they will also be posting and participating in discussions. Their views and opinions do not represent that of the forum in any way.

In case you have any issues/concerns in regards to the behavior or actions of a moderator, contact an Admin.

* new rules & edits to this post may be added at any time
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