[INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/2NE1

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Post fayee Posted 09 Feb 2013, 7:04 PM

[INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/2NE1

[Interview] Tiger JK, Tasha and Bizzy Talk About "Sweet Dream", BIGBANG, 2NE1, and Korean Hip Hop

@9:14 and 9:46
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Post Trannnnnnnnnn Posted 09 Feb 2013, 7:35 PM

Re: [INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/

I just loved what they said about TOP and Bom. Haha
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Post BeerBread Posted 09 Feb 2013, 11:28 PM

Re: [INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/

Trannnnnnnnnn wrote:I just loved what they said about TOP and Bom. Haha

This ^
Especially TOP lol
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Post gd elitist Posted 10 Feb 2013, 7:41 PM

Re: [INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/

what did he say bt gd? i cant barely undrstand him :(
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Post AmyBB Posted 10 Feb 2013, 9:06 PM

Re: [INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/


King & Queen of K-Hip Hop (Tiger JK & Tasha) talks 2NE1 @ 130209 Soompi Interview!

Q: For you, who is the best female rapper among idols?
Tasha: I guess..I think I'll probably go with 2NE1.
Tiger JK: CL?
Tasha: Yeah.
Tiger JK: CL is good
Tasha: I think Minzy is cute too. I think she's got a cute voice.
Tiger JK: She raps?
Tasha: Yeah..
Tiger JK: (insisting) CL raps...
Tasha: No. they both rap, they split up (rap lines)
Tiger JK: I like Bom.
Tasha: Well Bom, that's my boo! Like, she's a real..she's a sweety pie.
Tasha (to Bom): Hi ! Hi! (waves in a cute way)

MFBTY (Tiger JK,Tasha & BIZZY) talks GD&TOP @ 130209 Soompi Interview!

Tiger JK: T.O.P is incredibly handsome. Sometimes I feel,I feel... I catch myself falling in love with him. I like his voice. I like his voice
BIZZY: AH AH (imitating TOP)
(TIGER JK grabs Tasha in reassurance)
Tasha: Really?
Tiger JK: Well G-Dragon started when DOK2 started, like way young. Actually they're a better rapper, I think. (While) T.O.P got a good vocals. voice and look.
BIZZY: Voice (nods)

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Post technicolor.girl Posted 11 Feb 2013, 5:26 PM

Re: [INTER/VID]TigerJK, Tasha&Bizzy Talk About GDTOP/BB &CL/

Sorry, but lol, Tasha's hair... o.O
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